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 World Disability Day Activity

General Purpose

  • Organizing events in the fields of education, art, culture, introduction of culture, health, tourism, informatics, technology, agriculture, environment (nature) and sports through accelerating the integration to communal living. And in these fields; turning the disadvantaged, deficient, unprovided and indifferent majority into a productive majority that can make a significant contribution to Turkey's development and help Turkey catch up with the world standards. Improving the quality and standards of this kind of groups. Helping out to improve the consciousness of being a knowledge-based society throughout the country.
  • Increasing and developing the individualistic effort for a healthy, conscious, peaceful, and successful society.
  • Producing and practicing sociological, for the public weal, innovative and alternative projects for, children and teenagers in particular; physically, mentally, spiritually and socially disabled, visually impaired and hearing impaired; disadvantaged, problematical and deficient individuals; chronical disease groups and requirement groups of all descriptions.
  • Exchanging information and experience, doing research, producing and practicing projects collectively with corporations, both in Turkey and abroad, that seek solutions for social problems.
  • Sharing the information either as an operator or as a participator of the projects, events and activities that increase the attendance of communal living.
  • Participating in these activities so as to increase togetherness, sharing, and interaction in communal living is one of the most important purposes of our organization.

2.2. Children and Youth

  • Creating and putting in action alternative projects in the areas that are within our field of activity for the primary school , high school, university students, working youth, the troubled youngsters who need special attention, street boys, alcohol and drug addict youngsters, abused children and every kind of disadvantaged individuals/groups. Creating events, participating in projects and activities, establishing substructures in these areas.
  • in order to reach the aim and form the desired young, creative, dynamic, rationalist and thoughtful community, holding activities such as local and international conferences, panels, symposiums, competitions, youth assemblies, festivals, memorial days, multi-purpose gallery meetings, auctions, seminars, conversations, open air meetings, demonstration marches, book signing and colloquy days, theatre activities, book critique meetings, advisory meetings, youth and music festivals, concerts, sports tournaments, historical and touristic tours, picnic and visiting.
  • Working for solving economical, social and cultural problems of the students and other youngsters and for securing these solutions. Forwarding proposals and the analysis that have been conducted on the above mentioned problems and solutions to concerning institutions and making them accepted in public opinion.
  • Granting unreturned scholarships to the students from any different grade or department of education. Holding occupational, educational, sportive, preparation, additional courses. Finding financers or financing the domestic or international schools, dormitory and   private education institutions, books, tuition fee and clothing costs of the students.
  • In accordance with these goals, creating and applying mutual projects and cooperating with concerning government institutions and law juristic people, local and international non-governmental organizations that creates activities towards target groups that are related with our goals, by putting the public interests forward.
  • Creating social activities with government institutions, non-governmental organizations, legal and regular people in the fields of education, culture, sports, technology, health, tourism and earn income through these activities and using this income in order to do activities that will benefit the disabled, disadvantaged children and youth.
  • Developing disabled and youth tourism and sports and establishing basic facilities.
  • Encouraging promising young people who have limited financial opportunities to get an education through counselling and providing scholarship when necessary.
  • By giving every kind of education and opportunity, accelerating the transition process of youngsters from consuming to producing and breaking the bad image of youngsters who are lazy consumers in public belief and gaining youngsters self-confidence and respect.
  •  Providing education and employment opportunities for the homeless children drug and alcohol, gambling addicts and working  on their social inclusion
  • Working for protection and enlargement of contemporary-democratic rights and freedom that will strengthen solidarity and cooperation among young people.

  • 7-8-9 December Project Based Thinking Training


2.3  The Handicapped

  • Establishing a substructure of education, culture, health, tourism, technology and sports, which will serve the group of mentally, socially handicapped and hearing and visually impaired people. Putting projects such as social transformation and participation in producing process into action.  Doing research on the project fields on national and international platforms, setting up education and rehabilitation centres. Art, culture, education, health, and information institutions, setting up summer camps.

  • 4 Dec 2012 Theater from Mentally Disabled Youngsters. Photos  


2.4  Chronic Diseases and Other Groups

  • Setting up a substructure in the fields of health, education, culture, tourism, and sports for the people who has congenital or non-congenital chronic diseases such as Diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, muscle and joint diseases, genetic diseases (Down syndrome, nanosomnia…etc), autism, epilepsy, schizophrenia or other groups with disabilities that will prevent them from social inclusion. Organizing campaigns to provide material and moral help for the families of the sick, martyr and veteran soldiers.


2.5 Women

  • Developing and applying projects on the subjects of empowering women by increasing their qualifications, increasing the employability of some target groups, job creation and entrepreneurship.
  • Being involves in activities that will improve the cooperation and solidarity between women and supporting entrepreneur women who will create employment.
  • Setting up a substructure on the fields of health, culture, tourism, technology, art and sports in order to strengthen the position of women in social and economic life across the country. Carrying out these activities leading to the empowerment of women in society.
  • In accordance with these goals, creating and applying mutual projects and cooperating with concerning government institutions and law juristic people, local and international non-governmental organizations that creates activities towards target groups that are related with our goals, by putting the public interests forward.


2.6 International

  • With the national and international projects, strengthening international integration by improving the life conditions and quality of children, youngsters, the disabled and different groups of people who are in need.
  • Engaging in collective activities towards the solution of the social problems with the contemporary and international adjustments in order for Turkey to reach its place in the development level globally.
  • Engaging in activities with concerning institutions and organizations that operate internationally, in accordance with the general goals of the organization. Preparing educational projects and exchanging information and experience with one another.
  •  Providing training courses on European Union (PCM seminar and Professional Trainings…etc). Participating in project partnerships with European countries ( Project partner for the countries that are in the European Union and overseas partnership from Turkey); European Union project consultancy ( writing project documents, preparing final reports, finding partnerships and being partner): European Union advertisement activities: European Union organizations and seminars; NGO activities (from Turkey and countries within the European Union)
  • Preparing training seminars for the members of the organization on providing information about grant projects that  the education, health, social, cultural



  • 2 Aralık 2012, World Disability Day in İstanbul. Photos


  • 1-9 December 2012 Book Fair in Ankara Photos